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Coast to Coast Provinces Plan is proud to be associated with the following three Fraternal and Benevolent Associations. Together, they have 387 years of combined service to Canadian residents, providing a wide range of low-cost insurance benefits and plans.

These associations are not-for-profit. Any profits made are given back to the client or member in dividends and/or by supporting many community charities.

In addition, Coast to Coast Provinces Plan can provide you with benefits from Assumption Life and many other insurance providers.

Fraternal - means a social organization or a group of persons with common purposes and/or interests

Benevolent - means characterized by good will, desire to help others, established for good work and charitable.

Orange Benefit Fund of Canada

Orange Benefit Fund of Canada Fraternal - since 1881
94 Sheppard Avenue West
Willowdale, Ontario
M2N 1M5
Phone: 1-800-565-6248 (for administration and claims)

Serving the Orange Community giving assistance and security to its members and their families.


Sons of Scotland - Benevolent Association

Sons of Scotland - Benevolent Association - since 1876
505 Consumers Road
Suite 801
Toronto, Ontario
M2J 4V8
Bus: 416-482-1250 \ 1-800-387-3382 \ Fax: 416-482-9576
(for administration and claims)

Active since 1876, Sons of Scotland is a fraternal association for Scottish people and their descendants. We seek to preserve and promote Scottish heritage and culture in Canada, by keeping alive the great traditions of history, literature and the music of Scotland.

Mission Statement:
"We preserve and promote Scottish culture in Canada"

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Royal Arcanum - Fraternal Benefit Society

Royal Arcanum - Fraternal Benefit Society - since 1877
Supreme Council of the Royal Arcanum
61 Batterymarch Street
Boston, MA
Phone: 888-272-2686 (for administration and claims)

The Royal Arcanum is a not-for-profit member benefits society. Founding values of Virtue, Mercy, and Charity continue to guide the Society. Royal Arcanum offers many activities and donates time and money for community service and charitable causes.

Royal Arcanum is a non-profit Fraternal Benefit Society over One Hundred and Thirty years old.

Mission Statement:
"Everybody is a Somebody"

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Coast to Coast Provinces Plan and our Benefit Providers
are Federally Registered and Provincially Licensed

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